Uniting together to bring life recovery to communities one heart and soul at a time.

We are currently working on getting our first women’s house setup and livable. Be a part in creating the FIRST sober living, transitional home for women, and their small children, in recovery here in Aitkin, MN! YOU can help SAVE LIVES in 2 ways…VOLUNTEER & DONATE
Volunteers are needed for the following: cleaning, removal of old junk, minor repairs, prep work for painting, painting of the full house. If you would like to volunteer your time, please contact us for exact location as we will not publish this for safety purposes.
Donations are also needed. We understand not everyone can volunteer time, but your generous donations will help cover costs of supplies, remodelling, furnishings, and operating costs of this community project. Visit our GIVE page to donate and specify “RECOVERY HOMES”. All donations are tax deductable.
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