Uniting together to bring life recovery to communities one heart and soul at a time.



Our Mission

We are the hands and feet of Jesus for all those seeking recovery, healing, and restoration from addictions and strongholds.  We firmly believe there is no valley too deep and no situation too far that the power and love of Jesus can’t transform!

Our Story

Our Testimony

WELCOME! We are Nick & Mary Dinger, and God has placed a special compassion, love and empathy in our Hearts for Individuals, Families and Communities afflicted and/or affected by Addictions, Dependencies, Homelessness and personal strongholds. God has blessed us with many miracles and has given us the gift to be able to see all people and life through HIS eyes. Oh, how Beautiful YOU ARE! =) I, Mary, am a recovered codependent since 2008. I have also been blessed with many addicts in my circle of family and friends that have shown me the heart of an addict, as well as feeling God’s heart for his lost and hurting children. Nick has been in recovery from alcohol & drugs since July of 2013!!! We believe our life journeys and life experiences, good and bad, all have been to prepare us for stewardship of Sowing Seeds for God Ministries, and it’s programs within it, to do God’s work and to live out HIS grand plan for our lives. God placed Sowing Seeds for GOD Ministries on Mary’s heart in 2009 and she had been slowly and faithfully building it according to His Plan and in His Timing. Until the time came that God healed both of our hearts and made it very clear to both of us, that it was HIS plan to reconcile and reunite us in marriage after 14 years of divorce, as we were lost in addictions and dependencies, until the day came that we each gave our life to JESUS!

As God worked on each of us and we found recovery, it was then that GOD HEALED and RESTORED OUR FAMILY and we remarried on Valentine’s day in 2015!!!

WE are honored and excited to be God’s humbled servants, and to be HIS hands and feet, to shine HIS LIGHT, HOPE, LOVE & MESSAGE into the dark, broken world of addiction, dependencies and homelessness. We are called to give our TESTIMONIES OF HOPE AND HEALING & Give GLORY TO GOD!!!

We feel called to reach out to all types of addicts and their families/friends, sharing God’s Word, and to provide resources and safe, loving, accepting, faith filled venues for ALL seeking, to begin their process of healing their hearts, bodies, souls, lives, and families, as we UNITE 4 RECOVERY, and we come to God and build our own amazing, personal relationships with Jesus!


Blessings & Love,
Nick & Mary Dinger
Sowing seeds for God Ministries’ Founder/Disciples